How to Maintain Gorgeous Virginia Beach Landscaping During Winter

“Stick with year-round perennials.

Versatile evergreen perennials and ornamental grasses work well as borders or ground covers in your garden. Foxtail, miscanthus, and other perennials embellish gardens with their bountiful foliage and contrast with other plants in the area, especially the flowers that will bloom once spring arrives.

To achieve their visions of a winter wonderland, homeowners should approach companies, such as Hampton Roads Landscaping, that can pull off lovely landscaping in Virginia Beach regardless of the season. In doing so, they can get valuable insights and recommendations from landscapers who understand every factor that influences garden design and can make sure that each landscaping project thrives and stays healthy for a long time.”


Exemplary Landscapers in Virginia Beach Consider Wildlife in Design

Certification programs can take some time and money to complete. However, if they lead to better understanding and more efforts to protect wild animals from further habitat loss, most people, including Virginia Beach landscape design experts, wouldn’t mind. The program encourages residents to adopt eco-friendly practices like utilizing native plants, using mulch to preserve water, and eliminating chemical pesticide use. Furthermore, it urges homeowners to welcome wildlife into their gardens and enable animals to live as naturally as possible.

Homeowners who support wildlife conservation should seek assistance from professional landscapers in Virginia Beach whose designs and practices support environmental balance and aid wildlife improvement. With the help of such professionals like Hampton Road Landscaping, they will not only benefit from aesthetically pleasing gardens but also help preserve natural resources to maintain a healthier ecosystem.