Some Ideas for Using Pavers in Virginia Beach Landscaping Projects

Highlight a feature

Pavers can turn an onlooker’s attention to a focal point in the landscape. A focal point can be anything from a specially designed sculpture, to a birdbath, to a water fountain. When matched with proper lighting, such elements will most likely stand out during the evening.

Act as walkways

Pavers can serve as walkways not just to different sections of the landscape, like a park bench beneath a willow tree in a wooded area; they can also function as paths to the driveway, outdoor kitchen, gazebo, or even the front porch. Pavers that receive heavy traffic, like the ones that lead in front of the home, should have layers of gravel and sand as base.


Natural Additions for a Pest-proof Virginia Beach Landscape Design

One such variety is the spring-blooming bulb, a group to which daffodils and alliums belong to. Pests avoid bulbs of daffodil and allium plants because of their bitter taste, making them ideal choices for pest-prone Virginia Beach areas. Homeowners who worry about how daffodils and alliums can fit into their garden design can enlist the services of trusted landscapers in Virginia Beach to make these new additions work, aesthetically speaking.

One trick that these landscape specialists may use is to plant these bulbs under existing deciduous shrubs or small trees. Daffodils may also be placed around the edges of vegetable gardens, flower beds, or lawn. In addition, daffodils in yellow, red, and orange shades will add a splash of color to these current features.