Effective Landscaping in Virginia Beach Homes: Going Beyond Aesthetics

“Reputable landscapers like Hampton Roads conduct careful inspections of the houses to determine the best location for the installations. Choose trusted companies that explain to you the installation plans and the reason behind the chosen locations, that way, you will be able to appreciate the value and significance of the lights.

Through expert Virginia Beach landscaping solutions, homeowners will certainly hit two birds with one stone, namely, aesthetic value and functional safety.”


A Good Virginia Beach Landscaping Tip: Choose a Theme for Your Garden

Unity in landscape design can be achieved by selecting plants according to their classifications like mosses, ferns, flowering plants, and conifers or according to their design qualities like form, color, texture, and mass. Both of these methods, though, require substantial familiarization with a variety of plant species. A simple but efficient way to create unity in landscaping in Virginia Beach is to choose a theme.

Some Ideas for Using Pavers in Virginia Beach Landscaping Projects

Highlight a feature

Pavers can turn an onlooker’s attention to a focal point in the landscape. A focal point can be anything from a specially designed sculpture, to a birdbath, to a water fountain. When matched with proper lighting, such elements will most likely stand out during the evening.

Act as walkways

Pavers can serve as walkways not just to different sections of the landscape, like a park bench beneath a willow tree in a wooded area; they can also function as paths to the driveway, outdoor kitchen, gazebo, or even the front porch. Pavers that receive heavy traffic, like the ones that lead in front of the home, should have layers of gravel and sand as base.